Logo Design Process with a Client | 5 Step Tutorial from Start to Finish

In this video, I give an overview of the logo design process I follow to design a Logo for a business. It will show you how I design a logo in Adobe Illustrator.

Here is the 5 step process:
1. Getting to know the business
2. Finalizing the package – Contract, Scope of work, Invoice
3. Analyzing the business – Industry research
4. Designing the logo/revisions
5. Delivering the project

In this tutorial, you’ll learn the entire five-step process I use to design a company’s logo and brand identity. I’ll guide you through the whole project from start to finish, sharing insights into how I work with businesses, the steps I take to create a logo, and how I execute the project.

My name is Anastasiya and I am the lead designer and co-founder at AG Global Designs where our main goal is to help establish businesses by providing graphic design, website design, and marketing solutions. If you are new to this blog, please consider going over to our YouTube channel and subscribing if you want to learn more about graphic design and how to grow your business online.

The 5 steps we follow during logo and brand identity design:


Getting to know the business

During this step we get to know the client’s vision and goals for the project. After a client reaches out to AG Global Designs with interest of getting a logo design and brand identity design done for their business the first step will be for us to take the client’s visions and goals for the project.

We ask the client a strategic set of questions that will help us to get to know the business and get the most important information from the client that will allow us to start the project. Because we understand the client’s vision, we get them better results.

For example, we might ask a client:

  • “What is your company’s main product and services?”
  • “Who are your main competitors?”
  • “What sets your company apart from the competition?”
  • “What are the values and/or mission statement of your company?”
  • “What colors do you want to use in the logo?”
  • “Are there any specific elements you’d like to include in the logo/branding?”
  • “Can you provide some examples of logos or brands you like from Pinterest.”

Typically, we start with more broad questions and get narrower and more specific as the project prolongs.


Finalize the Documentation

This includes the contract, scope of work, invoice, and payment. These documents outline everything we will do and deliver to a client and provide guidelines for the project including timeline, costs, refund policy, and more. Before we begin work, we take a 50% non-refundable deposit that ensures if the client abandons the project, we don’t lose out due to lost labour time. The other half (50%) is required before the project is delivered.

The scope of work includes everything that I will do within the project. See [Wikipedia’s Description of a Statement of Work]


Industry research & creating a plan

Our team gets to work creating a plan for the design of the logo and brand. We would ask for additional information if it needed. After collecting all the necessary information from the documentation, we will have the tools and information needed to consistently revise and relearn your vision. This detailed documentation cuts time of development and saves you money. Our designers will do industry research to ensure your branding will stand out against the competition.


Designing the logo & revisions

Our team will provide you with progress updates, drafts, examples of the design, or other information regarding your logo and brand. If they client sees something, they dislike they simply request a revision in this step, and we will correct it.

In the YouTube video I create a renewable energy logo called RENU. It is a logo for a software company that focuses on renewable energy sources such as, wind, geothermal, solar, and hydro. From the points the client has provided me the client wants the logo to be modern and clean with a “green” feel to it. Therefore, I incorporated a recycling icon and leave into the wordmark. To find inspiration I also sometimes scroll through Pinterest and look for ideas that I can tweak or incorporate into my logo designs. When I have a complete idea of what I am going to create I start sketching ideas in a notebook creating prototypes of the logo / branding.


Delivery of the project

After the client is 100% happy with the outcome I go ahead and start preparing the files for delivery. All the different variations of the logo get exported and organized within files with a specific structure. I then write an email to the client that contains the overview of the project and everything we have completed. The files if they are too large to email, we will send via Dropbox or Google Drive.  

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