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Business owners have a lot on their plates. We take care of your website hosting, security, and maintenance using industry best practices, so you can focus on your company rather than your hosting.


WordPress Managed Hosting

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Managed WordPress Hosting

We take care of the technical stuff like security, speed, updates, backups, website uptime, and scalability. Focus on your business instead of constantly worrying if your website is secure and backed up.

WordPress & Plugin Updates

If you do not update themes, WordPress, and plugins you run the risk of having an insecure site. Delaying updating can turn into bigger problems such as total site failure and result in you starting your website from scratch. 

Security Setup

SSL/TLS/DNSSEC Setup. We setup two forms of SSL certificates (Instead of the regular one). The Let’s Encrypt ensures server-side protection while Cloudflare’s “full strict” ensures a constant end-to-end encryption. Also, Cloudflare ensures DNS and server IPs are proxied.

Continuous Security

Your website is where you do business therefore it is imperative that it is thoroughly protected. We will setup bot attack protection, firewall, DNS proxy via Cloudflare, and consistently checkup on your website’s health.

Fast 3GHz+ CPUs

The more processors on a server the faster and more efficient that server can work. All plans include 3GHz+ processors that power your website to the quickest single-core performance.  

NVMe Web Storage

NVMe boosts throughput over conventional SSD’s. This type of storage allows you to take advantage of your fast CPU clock speeds and load your website with rapid loading times.

Speed Optimization

Minify setup for CSS, JavaScript, and HTML which removes spaces, commas, and other unnecessary characters within the code. Image optimization, caching, Brotli compression, Rocket Loader for JavaScript, and network optimization.

Submit Support Tickets on Site.

Easily submit support tickets via our website’s chat bubble (bottom right corner) or private contact number that you will receive upon signing up. We will have your problem responded to within 24 hours.

Fast Ticket Response Times

We will respond to your tickets as soon as possible. Higher the severity of the issue the quicker the support response will be.

Application Monitoring

If the server goes down, we will inform you and begin investigating the cause of the outage. However, the Cloudflare “Always Online” feature allows website visitors to visit your website even if the origin server is down. We can activate this upon request if you agree to their “supplemental terms” for Always Online.



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Storage25 GB55 GB80 GB
Processor1 Core1 Core2 Core
Memory (RAM)1 GB2 GB4 GB
Bandwidth1 TB2 TB3 TB
Technical SupportRepair Issues Only1 Hour ($100 Value)2 Hours ($200 Value)
Full Website BackupsWeeklyDailyDaily
Performance ChecksWeeklyDailyDaily
WordPress & Plugin UpdatesWeeklyDailyDaily
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Customized Hosting & Maintenance Plans Based Off Your Business Specific Needs.

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Frequently asked questions

AG Global Designs is flexible. If you decide to cancel, just contact us and we still stop all recurring payments.

 (a) If you pay monthly your site will be taken offline a month from the day of your previous payment.

 (b)  If you pay yearly your site will be taken offline a year from the day of your previous payment.

*We will hold onto your website data for up to a year if you decide to return.

To cancel contact [email protected]

Upon cancellation we will assist you in migrating out your website, free of charge.