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We create unique brand identities that give you more than just guidance for your business.  Strong branding is the foundation for everything from your website to marketing

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Looking to make your business stand out online?

Lots of companies skip out on branding and as a result they never achieve their full potential. That is why we offer an all-inclusive brand identity package that gives your business the foundation to scale and outclass competition.

The Benefits of Strong Branding
For Your Business

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Product Recognition

Weak branding will have customers expecting poor quality and lower prices. Which results in low lead conversions and sales. A great brand exemplifies your services and/or products as high value.

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Build Brand
Awareness & Consistency

Our team leads you through a cooperative creative process to design your brand and style guide. By incorporating your expert industry knowledge and our years of experience we can create an identity of color, typography, and assets that excel your business ahead.

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Customer Loyalty

There is a misconception that higher price equals higher quality. For example, Samsung’s phones have better features, software, and are more affordable vs Apple. However, Apple’s incredible brand allows it to price mediocre products at higher prices and still own over 50% of the market share in Canada alone!

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Your Audience

All I need to mention is the golden arches and you already know what company I am talking about. Having a unique brand will allow buyers to instantly recognize you and increase the likelihood of repeat sales.

Brand Style Guide

With the Full Brand Identity package, you will receive a comprehensive manual that gives your team precise guidance on brand usage.

How the elements within the design are structured within their surroundings. It deals with the symmetry, proportions, design, format, bias, and patterns.  

The visual aspect that is readable and aligns with your industry, brand, and personality. Strong choice of typography enhances tone of voice and subliminal reinforcement of your message.

Having defined colors will create consistency and as a result you will look more professional on all your marketing, digital content, and prints.

Colors can signify different meaning. For example,

Red evokes an enthusiastic and instinctive response.

Purple is associated with royalty, mystery, and sophistication.

Blue induces trustworthiness, dependability, and confidence.

Green with calmness, safety, and nature.

Orange with optimism, vitality, and playful.

Brown with natural, stability, and comfort.

White with purity, clean, and simplicity.

Black with prestige, value, and power.

Will show other variations that can be used outside of the primary logo’s composition.

Image guidelines will allow your customers to instantly recognize your brand in ads, online, or any of your content with excellent arranging of shapes, layers, sizes, and orientation.


Branding Packages

These packages includes everything your start-up business needs to establish your brand.

Brand Style Guide Examples


How It Works "Simplified"

Our Simple Process

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Choose Your Branding Package

We recommend the Full Brand Identity package plus a Website if you are just starting. However, single packages can be chosen and customized to your specific needs.

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Getting to know your company

Questions will be asked regarding your company and design preferences. It will help us to create a brand that reflects your vision and business goals.

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Company Analysis

Questions will be asked regarding your company and design preferences. It will help us to create a brand that reflects your vision and business goals.

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Design & Revisions

Our team will begin working on your chosen packages. You will receive progress updates and you will be able to request revisions during this phase. We want to ensure you are pleased with the outcome of your purchases.

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Finalize / Delivery

Upon final revisions and your approval, you will receive the applicable files.

Individual Packages

Business Card
Social Media Banner

Frequently asked questions

Completion time mostly depends on how busy we are. However, it also depends on you, if you provide quick, transparent feedback and communication it could take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks.

After your order we will:

(a) Get to know your industry, business, and overall vision.

(b) Our team will devise a plan from your brief.

(c) Create the first draft variants for your approval.

(c) You request the necessary modifications / revisions.

(d) We make the modifications to your scope and deliver.

(e) You decide if you need more revisions or we send the final files to you.

You will have complete rights (ownership) to your finalized logo. However, it will not be patented, or trademark registered as we do not offer those services.

None! Our core value is transparency, and we deliver exactly what we pledge in each package.

New inspiration can occur at any time. Thus, you might want some new changes done later in the process. Additional revisions can be purchased. However, if it is a big change you can hire us at our set hourly rate. Just contact our team for either one when needed.

Our business outsources to Stripe an online payment method that allows all the major debit and credit cards in almost every country. Stripe provides machine learning fraud prevention, encryption of sensitive data, and secure servers. We pay 2.9%+30cents on every acquisition to ensure your purchase data is protected.