AI Copywriter ShortlyAI Is the Future of Freelance Writing

The outline of this article is going to be about how the company ShortlyAI and their AI Copywriter using GPT-3 has been working with freelance writers, and content creators and helping them to produce better content for their clients and themselves. It will explain how AI Copywriters are revolutionizing the freelance world, in a time where information is more important than ever before. This article will explain what OpenAI and GPT-3 is and get into how AI Copywriters can help you to become more productive, while also saving you time and money. 


We are not there yet, but with the exponential growth and, in some cases, shrinking prices of technology it is only a matter of time before we start to see AI assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant writing articles as well. It sounds simple enough: companies provide articles and topics to artificial intelligence-powered bots that can write summaries in an instant. Amidst the promise of technology and AI, another set of concerns has been raised. The more advanced AI becomes, the fewer people will need to rely on human experts in certain industries or professions. 


But if you still do not believe me more than 80 percent of this article was written by ShortlyAI / GPT-3. 



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An Introduction to Shortly AI

So, let me introduce you to¬†ShortlyAI, an AI that runs¬†off¬†OpenAI’s¬†GPT-3. The bot can¬†draft¬†articles that¬†are not¬†just incredibly¬†accurate, but good.¬†ShortlyAI¬†is smart enough to write headlines as well, which is something that¬†can’t¬†be said about a lot of AI bots. While AI’s use in the world of business has yet to fully materialize,¬†ShortlyAI¬†has already captured a large amount of attention with its ability to write and¬†provide¬†high-quality content.¬†¬†

What is Open AI?

Open AI is a non-profit artificial intelligence company that ‚Äúwants to maximize openness and innovation in AI for the benefit of humanity.‚ÄĚ However, founder Elon Musk has spoken out against the increasing privatization of the company as Microsoft invested over $US 1 billion into the company.¬†

What is GPT-3?

GPT-3 is an ‚Äúend-to-end, unsupervised neural network training system with an agent for learning a wide range of skills including reading comprehension, speech recognition, and picture processing.‚Ä̬†¬†

Will AI Replace Copywriters and Other Jobs?

Artificial intelligence may be better than humans at certain tasks and this could have several different impacts on the workplace. For example, artificial intelligence could also be better than humans at writing articles; this would mean that there could be less work for freelance writers. The same can be said for many different professions, from translators to doctors and accountants. 


There is¬†a silver lining, however. Just because artificial intelligence may replace certain jobs does not mean that the profession will disappear completely; instead, the need for¬†different types¬†of workers will increase. For example, while artificial intelligence may take over some of the work a freelance writer does, this¬†doesn’t¬†mean that no one will hire freelance writers in the future. Instead, they will need to add another level of¬†expertise¬†to some industries, from writing to editing and translation.¬†


For some writers, this could translate into more work. For example, artificial intelligence may replace certain types of editing needs, but it is unlikely that individuals will cease editing their work. In the same way that people still edit their work today, the need for freelance writers with a huge catalog of experience in a variety of subjects will only increase. 


Within the next five years, the artificial intelligence (AI) writer will outperform human writers in many cases. AI can produce a lexicon of words and phrases that will provide any writer access to a continuously growing database of words and phrases. This ability to generate text will also be able to help human writers who have difficulties with grammar or spelling. 


In addition to its writing abilities, AI has other advantages over human freelancers. AI writers do not ask for raises, they¬†do not¬†ask for time off and they will never get writer’s block. They will work hard to meet deadlines and will sometimes¬†provide¬†higher-quality writing.¬†


AI has been used in many fields to develop better products and services. IBM’s Deep Blue became the world chess champion in 1997 by applying power calculating probability. Google is using AI in its search engine to create more relevant search results based on the information that people are searching for. AI will soon be used extensively by writers to write better text and to¬†provide¬†greater quality and speed.¬†

What is an AI Writer?

AI writer ‚Äď a program that can repeatedly generate text that has no errors. AI writers who can replicate the language of human writers and who can write human-readable text at speeds as fast as human writers. These types of AI projects will be plentiful in the coming years.¬†

Jobs Likely to be Affected by AI

Many jobs will be difficult for artificial intelligence to replace. However, there are a few jobs that may have a higher probability of being replaced by computer technology, including telemarketing and office clerical work. AI can already perform a significant amount of these tasks. 


AI-generated creative writing is one of the most recent areas for AI to make an impact. Copywriters short on time or long on words can now use AI to create quality content for their clients.

Jobs likely to be affected by artificial intelligence:

  1. Writing
  2. Translating and interpreting
  3. Medical diagnosis and machine learning in medicine
  4. Computer-generated literary works, like novels or plays
  5. Education
  6. Journalism
  7. Financial services, like risk assessment and investment prediction
  8. Car & truck driving
  9. Marketing & advertising
  10. Law
  11. Sales & customer service
  12. Human Resource management & Human resources
  13. Computer programming
  14. Editing and proofreading
  15. Quality Assurance
  16. Managing directors & chief executives
  17. Design & architecture

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Most people understand artificial intelligence as the capacity for technology to think and act as humans do. Therefore, AI is so useful in creative writing, as it can think and make creative decisions for the human writer. Most systems utilize a combination of neural networks, natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and computer vision. Copywriters can use the products of these technologies in their writing projects. 


Are There Risks Associated with Using AI Copywriters?

The short answer is yes, when using an AI Copywriter, there is a possibility of plagiarism. However, you may safeguard yourself by checking for duplicate work before posting by using applications such as Turnitin, Grammarly, Plagiarism Checker X, and others. However, in my experience, the risk of plagiarism with GPT-3 is minimal. It is, nevertheless, necessary to review your work though.

Another risk is the speed at which this technology could replace human writers in some cases. There is a myriad of benefits to using AI Copywriters however and as new versions come out, these risks will decrease significantly.

Copywriters best uses for GPT-3 and ShortlyAI

The GPT-3, ShortlyAI are advance technologies which can provide immense benefits with their applications. The main goal is to identify how you would like to use these technologies. What kind of potential benefits will it offer for your company? In what ways could it help solve the problems that you are currently facing? How will your workers be able to apply this technology to achieve their goals more efficiently?

The best ways to use GPT-3 and ShortlyAI are

  1. Creating headlines for your blogs
  2. Writing creative stories
  3. Helping spur creative ideas as you bounce inputs and outputs with the AI
  4. Create more content faster which increases traffic and profits.
  5. Use the program to research specific topics.
  6. Use the program to find the best potential phrases for your product name.
  7. Use the program to discover new trends for products and services.
  8. Write more sales copy for your company’s websites
  9. Use it to help write your emails.
  10. Use it to write any kind of content
  11. Use it to write search engine optimized content
  12. Get ideas for new products and services
  13. Get ideas for business names

For instance, I asked ShortlyAI / GPT-3 to come up with unique business names for a graphic design company, and this is what I got:

Alabaster Graphics

Artwork Studio

Interior Designer’s Studio

Paintings and Poetry

Creative Impressions

Modern Arts Design

Fantasies and Dimensions

Sunlight Graphics

Artistic Thoughts and Designs

Graphic Artwork Studio

Views and Letters Designs

Studio of Sketches, Drawings and Paintings

Architectural Design Works

Artistic Impressions

The list goes on. As you can see some of these names are creative, professional, and great to use for a graphic design company. However, they do lack in uniqueness as it grabs form existing sources which is why it is important to review the content. As further GPT models come out it should get even better at creating unique content.

GPT-3 & ShortlyAI is a blank canvas that allows you to explore the abilities of this new technology and become a pro at utilizing it as a tool. You can use it to make more money, create unique content, learn new skills, and conquer your goals.

Now That You Know the Benefits of Using GPT-3 and Shortly AI What Are Your Next Steps?

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