Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Increase Your Website Traffic So You Get More High-Quality Leads

Organic website traffic is a challenge for most business owners. AG Global Design’s SEO services are guaranteed to boost your website’s rankings and traffic. As a result, you’ll have more opportunities to convert leads into sales.

SEO Services Include


By understanding your current situation & your competition, we will be able to create an SEO strategy tailored to your business and your goals.


Effective keyword research is the foundation of any SEO strategy. We will help you discover what SEO keyword combinations you should be using on your website.


Create engaging content that drives high-quality organic traffic and create opportunities to link content to your products or services.


Ranking in local searches starts with your Google My Business listing. Our team will optimize your profile to ensure your data is accurate and boost your local rankings.


We will then work on the technical SEO including website structure and internal linking, server log analysis, keyword cannibalization, and mapping, backlink audits, A/B testing, schema, and OG data, site speed, crawl rates, and more.


Increase your traffic, keyword rankings, and backlinks by developing quality content that bloggers and other influencers want to share with their audiences.

Search Engine optemization Process

Here’s How We will Drive your business to success

01. SEO Audit

We’ll identify all of the technical SEO issues, current organic visibility, keyword targeting & end-user behavior analysis.

02. Optimization

We will work with your web team and optimize your on-page and off-page elements to implement a targeted SEO campaign for your business.

03. Monitoring

SEO is not a set-and-forget solution. Our experts keep an eye on your campaign and continuously refine it to bring you the very best results & sustained online presence.

04. Reporting

As your campaign progresses, we’ll deliver insights and reports that outline wins, trends, opportunities, and strategies for the future.


We specialize not only in building great-looking websites but also in performing SEO optimization. Our famous Google Ranking Services will ensure that people find your website.

Case Study

SEO page optimization for transpiration company

While building the new website our team was able to instill some best practices according to Google. This allowed us to prepare the website for a strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign. Within months after launching Bollea Logistics new website, we started to see higher rankings in the Google results for target keywords which drove more inquiries on the website.


Within 6 months their website was ranked on page for some targeted keywords. 

organic website visits a month

position for the keyword

Time Sensitive Deliveries Calgary

 Increase in organic Traffic

position for the keyword

White glove transportation service calgary


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Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what makes us a top-rated website design agency.

google 5 star
I am beyond happy with the work they did and the value they created for my business.
AG Global Designs created my logo and website for my Scottish Terrier dog breeding business, Royal Scotties. They did a amazing job at creating it within my limited budget. I am beyond happy with the work they did and the value they created for my business. I now have people contacting me about puppies through the website every week. As I rank front page for Scottish Terrier Breeder and first result for Alberta Scottish Terrier Breeder on Google. Thank you so much, I recommend AG Global Designs!
Pamela Langill
Royal Scotties
google 5 star
AG Global Designs helped me realized what I envisioned.
"Simply awesome and reliable. From the creation of my website to business cards and brochures, AG Global Designs helped me realized what I envisioned. I now have a website and logo that I'm proud of. "
Sahr Fayia
E4Less Cleaning
google 5 star
Very pleased with the outcome. Professional and clear.
Very pleased with the outcome. Professional and clear. Walked me through everything I needed to know. I now have a beautiful logo that everyone loves. Would recommend!
Deanna Walsh
google 5 star
“I am very happy with my new website.
Anastasiya was amazing to work with and provided detailed explanations of every step in the website development. She delivered fast and was accommodating on every change I requested. I fully recommend using AG Global Design for all your website development and design needs!”
google 5 star
AG Global Designs gave me exactly what I wanted for my logo!
AG Global Designs gave me exactly what I wanted for my logo! Anastasiya was great to work with. She is very detail oriented and listened to my every want and need. She made sure to understand the vibe of my business and when she gave me the design she made sure I was 100% happy with it. I highly recommend going to AG Global Designs for your Logo and Deign needs!
Rita Gutierrez
Fresh as a Daisy
google 5 star
10/10, 100% recommend getting your logo design from AG Global Designs
10/10, 100% recommend getting your logo design from AG Global! She is super creative and passionate about her designs, she did exactly what I asked for, explains everything straightforward and understandable! Go get your logo designs from her! She’s great!

Frequently asked questions

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of best practices that increase your website’s visibility in search results, which means that more people will find your site when they search online for certain words you target. This is done by using relevant keywords, proper meta descriptions, page titles, link building, and other techniques.

In the world of SEO, time is relative. In the last decade, SEO has been through several evolutions. In the early days, SEO was a simple concept of site optimization and then being able to get high rankings in the search results. Nowadays, SEO is more complex and constantly changing therefore, knowing how long it will take a page to rank is very difficult.


As a rule, you can expect a page to start seeing results after 3 months. If the website is brand new it can be over 6+ months to start to see page rankings with competitive keywords. If it does not appear on the first page, SEO optimizations and adjustments are needed to try to improve search engine ranking after that 3-6 month period.  

When you add a new page or blog entry to your website, and if you have an XML sitemap published to the search engines, it will be crawled by Google, Bing, and other search engine bots known as “crawlers.” These bots will then examine the content, backlinks, and relevancy against the competitor pages that are also attempting to rank for that keyword and place you somewhere along the search results if the algorithm determines your page relevant to that search query.

When you subscribe to AG Global Designs SEO services monthly, we deliver a monthly site assessment as well as changes in monthly traffic, backlinks, and organic search positions, among other things.


Furthermore, we will provide monthly content ideas for ranking for more keywords, as well as backlink suggestions, allowing you to make informed decisions about where to invest your money for the best results.

Search engines are the single most important source of internet traffic. If your website does not appear in search results, you are losing potential customers. If you have a page that ranks in the top positions on Google and your competition is not competing, it is quite likely that you will stay in that position and continue to receive traffic indefinitely. As a result, it is one of the most cost-effective investments a business owner can make. Ranking organically is essentially Google rewarding free website traffic for creating relevant content.

Although organic and paid search results are both on Google, the difference between the two is simple. Organic search results are unpaid, or free, while paid search results come with a cost you pay Google. In other words, the difference between the two is the cost. It’s a simple concept that has a huge impact on a business or a website. With organic search, the ranking is based on your search engine optimization. Paid search, on the other hand, is a bidding system based on the cost per click. Businesses usually pay $1 to $2 per click to Google to be featured.


If you paid $200 per month for 100 Google clicks over a year, it would cost you $2,400. Investing that money into Search Engine Optimization and ranking organically, on the other hand, may get you 100 free clicks every month for years to come. If you intend to do business for many years, investing in organic rankings is the most cost-effective approach to expand your business because SEO pays dividends.

The biggest mistake most people make when creating a new site is focusing on keywords that may not actually be relevant to their business. It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of creating a new site, but it’s also important to keep in mind what keywords you’re planning to rank for. Keywords are the foundation of your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, so choosing the right ones can mean the difference between success and failure.


Contact AG Global Designs and we can help you create a keyword and SEO strategy.

There are many trends in user behavior that tend to change over time and if you do not change your SEO strategies to accommodate these changes, you will lose rankings and your internet traffic. This is true no matter what industry you are in. The thing is that most SEO companies don’t really know what they are doing or how to plan with regards to the trends in user behavior. That is why it is important that you choose your SEO company wisely so that they can keep your rankings up and your search engine traffic flowing.

When determining whether to invest in SEO, many businesses ask this question. When it comes to SEO ROI, there isn’t a simple answer because it varies depending on the keywords that your website targets, as well as their volume and competition. Also, the items and services you provide. However, the bigger the potential profit from a single transaction, the better the SEO investment’s return on investment. If you sell a high-ticket item or service, such as luxury real estate, your SEO effort could pay off handsomely.


AG Global Designs can help you determine if investing in SEO could be profitable for your specific niche just schedule a free call.