Case Study – Fortune Creek

Kick starting the company growth and generating brand awareness and sales though facebook ads.

Anastasiya Gry.

About the company

Fortune Creek is fast growing Kowlana-based food company that makes homemade food and gift boxes that represent a Western lifestyle.


Services provided

The gaol of this start up company was to set up all of the marketing and print materials, website, and label for the company so that it could begin operating and selling products.

Results overview


packaging and labels designed


facebook ad impressions 


ad clicks 


Fully managing two corporate social media channels which include – producing all content, making graphics, scheduling posts, tracking the results, and analyzing performance. The strategies resulted in dramatically improved engagement by 300%.

Website Design

The primary goal of the website was to portray the Fortune Creek brand with precision by care fully choosing various elements like images, backgrounds, and textures. In addition, the web site aimed to showcase the wide range of products offered by the company. To increase customer conversions, the website implemented various marketing strategies, such as a promotional popup that offered a free product with a purchase.

Additionally, the checkout process was optimized to improve the user interface and make purchasing more seamless, resulting in a significant in crease in the product purchase rate. To further encourage sales, promotional texts were strategically placed, such as “Custom box delivery – Free shipping,” to enhance the desire for purchasing products.


Upon completion of the packaging and website, Fortune Creek was ready to begin selling its products, primarily through Facebook ads. After conducting thorough research, Facebook was identified as the best advertising plat form for the business. This was based on extensive analysis, which indicated that Facebook ads would have the highest conversion rate compared to other advertising channels. One of the primary marketing strategies used to maximize brand recognition and sales for Fortune Creek was

Facebook and Instagram ads. To create highly effective Facebook ad campaigns, we employed a specific approach.

Initially, we conducted test ads to determine the best-performing ad, based on which we developed a template for all subsequent ads. We refined the template by enhancing the graphics, content, and other elements to ensure maximum effectiveness.

This resulted in extremely successful ads with a click-through rate (CTR) of 14%, significantly higher than the industry average of 4%.

When creating an ad, we focused on three crucial elements:
  • The content – the message conveyed, and unique offers. 
  • The imagery – images that attract and hold the viewer’s attention. 
  • The call-to-action, enabling customers to understand the next steps to take to acquire the product. We achieved this by displaying a “Shop” button in the graphic and the ad to make it clear to potential customers.


  • The highest CTR(Click through rate) 14%
  • +1M Facebook ad impressions
  • +500 ad clicks $600k in sales


Fortune Creek opted for billboard ads as their primary advertising strategy to boost brand recognition within the local community and attract more customers to their store for product purchases. Multiple billboard ads were created, which will be alternated every month. The text on each billboard will remain the same to consistently promote the best selling products at Fortune Creek, while the images will be changed to capture the audience’s attention and evoke a desire to visit the store and purchase those visually appealing and tasty products.

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