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Hosting, Maintenance, and Security are essential for the longevity of your site. Let us give your website the long-term care and attention it deserves.

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Are you looking for a new, beautiful eCommerce site that will streamline your internal processes, improve usability and better convert? Our team of eCommerce experts can help reach your goals and ensure your products look great in a fresh & easy-to-use website that converts.

Choosing between Shopify or Woocommerce? We do both! We’ll help you choose which platform is right for your needs.

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Your store is 24/7 Salesperson

Have you ever heard the expression “Make money while you sleep”? An ecommerce website is open 24/7, meaning there are no restrictions on when people can shop for and purchase your products


Run Your Business from Anywhere

An online store gives you another unique advantage over most brick-and-mortar businesses; you can run it from any location in the world. How does a LAPTOP LIFESTYLE sound?


Higher Margins & Better Cashflow

E-commerce website will make the profits you make on your products even higher. The shopping cart and payment options on these websites also mean you are gaining a 100% payment from the customer straight away!!


Increased Customer Reach

You will be able to get more customers as your business now will be online. Sell more products to more customers.


Lower Start up Cost

Physical retail stores have to pay thousands of dollars for rent, employees etc. However, with e-commerce store start up cost is way lower then you would have to pay for a retail store.

What Our Clients are saying

We have worked with AG Global for the past several years and have found them not only easy to work with but also very talented with respect to graphic design, logos and web development. They have been our one stop shop for all of our website development improvements and upgrades.

Although they are a small company, the skill sets available are remarkable. All projects are done in a very timely manner and urgent fixes are dealt with immediately. We found the pricing very competitive and the service above and beyond. AG global is able to understand its clients needs and delivering product that is exactly what was requested. 

dex10 is very appreciative of their expertise and the ease of deployment that we have experienced. Projects can be charged hourly basis and progress reports are issued so you know exactly what you’re paying for which is an asset as a small business. Thank you AG !

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Geoff Dodsworth – President & CEO

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E-Commerce Website we made for dex10

Why Work With us

We attempt to achieve maximum productivity by minimalizing waste processes and efforts. By analyzing and applying the Pareto principle or better known as the 80/20 principle.

We want our clients to succeed and receive the most value for money. Therefore, we will apply all our areas of expertise to ensure the best results. Because if you prosper we do too.  

Our goal is to design and execute projects that target your audience and convey them to your products or services. It is our responsibility to create a consistent brand image through its image, voice, and your message.

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