Case Study – CIR Realty

How we were able to enhance our lead generation by improving our online presence.

Anastasiya Gry.

About the company

CIR is Alberta’s largest & most productive independent real estate brokerage. CIR Realty is home to 800+ realtors and has over 18 offices around Alberta and also British Columbia.

Services provided

My role as a digital coordinator was to manage and develop marketing materials with the main objective to increase brand awareness and lead generation.

Results overview


increase in social media engagement


increase in website traffic


increase in form submissions

Social media management

Fully managing two corporate social media channels which include – producing all content, making graphics, scheduling posts, tracking the results, and analyzing performance. The strategies resulted in dramatically improved engagement by 300%.

Website design/development

The aim was to improve conversion and retention rates by strategically redesigning website pages. Through this redesign process, the focus was on placing the information in the right places and enhancing the user experience, and implementing best web design practices. Though analyzing the data, the stats showed the number of form submissions increased significantly. Before the redesign, only one submission per month was received, but now two submissions are received every week, which is eight times more than before.


By implementing the search engine optimization to the website pages we increased the website traffic by 200% which increased website visits, and lead generation.

Funnel management and Email Marketing

Managed and improve the sales funnel to ensure the company gets consistent leads.

A quick overview of the funnel.

1. Awareness: The website

The first step is to raise awareness about your services. We do it though various channels such as social media, website traffic though SEO, Google ads and Facebook ads. As the gaol is to attract potential customers to your website and a landing page.

2. Interest: Lead magnate

Once visitors arrive on your website, we need to capture their interest. It is achieved through a compelling value proposition, clear messaging, and visually appealing design and a lead magnate.

3. Consideration: Lead magnate

On the website pages we present with a lead magnate document that provides with a valuable educational information that the target prospect would want to download in exchange for the contact information such as name and the email. Also the landing pages display the call to action buttons for scheduling an interview for those who are ready to proceed.

4. Nurturing: Email Newsletters

From that step we segment the subscribers and send out the newsletters that contain the information about the subject the used is interested in and find valuable. In addition in those newsletters we encourage views to learn more about the services with the main call to action of scheduling an interview. The mail sequences allow the company to stay top of mind with the prospects that are interested in the services. Plus it allows the company to do so in a way that continually adds value, builds your relation ship and instills trust and authority

5. Conversion

In the most important step where leads become customers. We make it easy for them to take action by providing a clear call-to-action in all materials.

Facebook advertisement

Facebook ads was one of the ways we used to promote the company to get brand awareness.

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