E – Learning Website – Mobile Application

About E-Learning application

Showing the general public and novices on how easy it is to buy and assemble a computer for work and pleasure. This eLearning experience is a beginner’s guide to buying and assembling a desktop computer for creative professionals and their needs.¬†


Target Audience 

Students or creators who desire to build a budget PC that can handle multiple tasks, and/or leisurely computer activities. These tasks include creative work programs or gaming programs. Our audience may have basic or no knowledge regarding computer components and terminology. 

The team of 5 worked on this E-learning application: 

My responsibility:

  • Front-end development¬†
  • Application Designer, UX/UI


During¬†the process we had to¬†come¬†up with the¬†modules¬†for¬†thee-learning¬†application. It¬†was¬†done by breaking down the complex¬†topics¬†into a¬†smaller module, that¬†would¬†make easier for the learner to cover the material.¬†The PC building¬†application¬†was¬†broken¬†down on 6 modules ‚Äď that explain in¬†detail¬†each steam in¬†building¬†computer PC.¬†


  • Why you would need a computer for specific tasks?
  • Why have a budget?
  • Explanation, course breakdown.
  1. Components
  • What they do.
  • Their importance.
  1. Obtaining
  • Buying (tiers.)
  • Part search.
  • Cases.
  1. Assembly
  • What goes where.
  1. Troubleshooting, maintenance
  • First boot.
  • Common problem.
  • Diagnostics.
  1. Additional
  • Boot-up.
  • Cable management.
  1. Testing
  • Interactive quiz after every module.¬†
  • Click and drag.
  • Minimal visual elements.
  • Final interactive test.
  • Build your own virtual PC.